Five Easy Steps to a Little Free Library in Your Neighborhood

1. Identify a location and steward.
2. Decide if you want to:

    • Purchase a pre-built, fully-assembled library
      • Select a complete Little Library from the photos on the website.
      • “Endow” for someone else (tax deductible!)
      • Honor someone or  have a Memorial Library

3. Contact us.  Use the contact form on the website.  Reserve an official number and style, supplies and access to books.

4. Build Support

  • Lead the way. Be the first to give to the Little Free Library Pay it Forward Fund.
  • Find a business or group sponsor
  • Tell your neighbors and friends. Invite them over for a little house party or send them a note asking them to join you in “Pay it Forward.”

5. When it is installed, celebrate! Send your photos and information to the website and get on the worldwide map!
Keep your Little Library full of books.  Protect it. Enjoy it. Feel great!
P.S. Always support your public and school libraries!

-Derin Beechner-


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